Representing Hotels

Following a thorough knowledge of the hotel and the brand, as well as relevant information on the destination, we prepare a strategic plan including different actions to be taken to position and promote the product. At that stage, we include:

  • Actions toward the touristic trade through sales calls, contacts, newsletters, events, famtours and a full support
  • Actions toward the Press, bloggers and opinion leaders, with releases, attention and invitations, Press trips and monitoring
  • Attendance to events and Fairs related to the segment
  • Actions toward the final client, through social networks, events and other opportunities
  • Searching strategic partnerships for promoting and increasing the hotel visibility

Sales and Marketing Missions for Hotels

If the decision of hiring a representation is not yet defined, we propose a “tasting” of the Brazilian market and our services, through a Plan, lasting one week, in one or two cities, organized and accompanied by us, which includes:

  • Scheduling sales calls and contacts with the trade
  • Meetings with the Press
  • Events for clients
  • Products launching
  • Training for big agencies and tour operators
  • Attendance to tourism events

Assistance on new Projects or on Marketing and Sales strategies

Such a broad country, with 70% of its GDP concentrated on 2 or 3 States, a great potential of travelers having a good purchasing power, a culture and a language yet to be discovered. Those are the perfect ingredients for developing new business opportunities or investments on specific sectors.

However, to realize this potential, it is crucial to have the right contacts for each stage of a new project. Key Partners is ready to assist you by finding the right people and enterprises, making your access easier to the Brazilian market.